January is National Hobby Month and the perfect time to pick up your new hobby at the Campus Recreation Complex (CRC). 

January is National Hobby Month and the perfect time to pick up a new hobby on campus! The Campus Recreation Complex (CRC) offers numerous activities and programs to help you find a new passion that can turn into a lifelong hobby.

If you are a former athlete or just looking to add some competition to your life the competitive sports program at the CRC is for you! You have your choice of intramural or sport club teams.  Intramurals provide students, faculty, and staff the opportunity for competition and fun in a variety of team and individual sports activities. Divisions are available for men’s, women’s, and co-rec teams in a variety of skill and competition levels. Registration for phase 2 sports opens February 11th! Sport clubs provide athletes an opportunity to compete inter-collegiately on a competitive level. Check out one of the over 40 clubs available all year long.  

Do you love the outdoors? The CRC outdoor recreation program offers everything from adventure trips like whitewater kayaking and cascading waterfalls to gear rental to fit all interest and experience levels. If you are looking for a way to make new friends and explore pristine landscapes outdoor recreation is for you. Check out crc.gatech.edu/outdoor to learn about how you can get involved and set out on your next great adventure.

Group fitness at the CRC is a great way to meet likeminded fitness enthusiasts in a fun interactive environment. All patrons are invited to purchase a group fitness pass and attend any one of our 45-minute classes. These classes range from peaceful yoga to heart thumping dance fitness. Check out the full class schedule at crc.gatech.edu/fitness.

Swimming is a great lifelong hobby that not only helps with your cardiovascular health but could also save your life. If you are new to this sport swim lessons are a great way to build up your stamina, learn the different strokes, and most importantly get comfortable in the water. The CRC offers private, semi-private, and small-group lessons to fit any need and skill level. For those who are already swimmers, the CRC boasts two world-class facilities for both competitive and leisure play. You can swim in the 1996 Olympic facility at the McAuley Aquatic Center or race down a slide in the Crawford pool. No matter your style the CRC has a pool for you.

The CRC is a great place to pick up a new or rekindle an old hobby. No matter your interest there is a place for you here. For a full list of programs and events available at the CRC go to crc.gatech.edu.