Membership Rates

Each CRC primary member may purchase a CRC family membership for their spouse or partner, dependent children under age 18 years old to which they are the legal parent or guardian, and/or one unique person age 18 years or older as a plus one.

Membership Types   1 Week 1 Month 3+ Months (Per Month)
Primary Members GT Students: 4+ Credit Hours (In-Person) Included in mandatory student fee Included in mandatory student fee Included in mandatory student fee
  GT Students: Co-Op, Intern, Part-Time, Cross-Enrolled, Returning Non-Students $15 Included in voluntary student fee Included in voluntary student fee
  GT Employees / Retirees / Affiliates $17 $39 $33
  GT Alumni $20 $47 $39
Family Members and Plus One* Spouse / Partner N/A $27 $23
  Children N/A Ages 0-13: Included in Primary Membership, Ages 14-17: $27 Ages 0-13: Included in Primary Membership, Ages 14-17: $23
  Plus One (limit 1 per primary member) N/A $63 $53
GT Department Sponsored Georgia Tech Workshops, REUs, & Conferences Services Guests+ $20 N/A N/A


Day & Guest Passes

NEW GUEST PASS PURCHASING PROCEDURE: All guest passes must be purchased online here by the guest themselves. All guests must be 18 years of age or older. The guest must create their own myCRC account. During the purchasing process, guests will accept our liability waiver, the guest pass policy, and enter the name of the member sponsoring them. To redeem the guest pass, the guest and the sponsor must arrive together, present physical government-issued ID, and remain together during the extent of the visit. The guest pass must be used the day of purchase. Guest passes are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Children ages 14-17 can be sponsored on a guest pass if they are accompanied by their parent/guardian that is a member. Minor guest passes can be purchased in person at the Member Services desk only. The following lists the price per day pertaining to each guest:

  • All Guest Passes: $15

Day Passes for Students, Employees, Affiliates, and Alumni:

All day passes must be purchased online here by logging into your myCRC account. Day passes are intended for students, employees, affiliates, and alumni who aren't current members to visit one day at a time if they wish. The day pass must be used the day of purchase. Day passes are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • GT Student Day Pass: $5
  • GT Employees / Retirees / Affiliates / Alumni Day Pass: $10
  • Forgotten BuzzCard Day Pass $10

Department Sponsored Guests

Georgia Tech Departments may sponsor individuals for day passes. For additional information please email us.

Georgia Tech Conference Services guests age 18 or older staying at Tech Conference Services Housing are eligible for a membership at the CRC during their stay on campus. Your BuzzCard/GT access card and a government-issued photo ID is required at the time of purchase.

Department Sponsored Guests: $15/day or $20/week

Student CRC Access

Student Access to the CRC is included in the Georgia Tech Mandatory or Voluntary Fee. For more information or to pay your voluntary fee, please visit the Bursar’s website.

Semester Enrolled First Day of CRC Access First Day of Classes Last Day of CRC Access
Summer 2024 Thursday, May 9, 2024 Monday, May 13, 2024 Sunday, August 18, 2024
Fall 2024 Saturday, August 10, 2024 Monday, August 19, 2024 Sunday, January 5, 2025
Spring 2025 Thursday, January 2, 2025 Monday, January 6, 2025 Sunday, May 11, 2025


Where can I purchase my membership?

The Member Services desk located at the front entrance of the CRC. Please note we accept BuzzCard funds, credit/debit cards, and check. No cash is accepted.

Can I use payroll deduction?

Yes, all benefits-eligible employees of Georgia Tech can sign up for payroll deduction for their membership by stopping at the Member Services desk.

To cancel payroll deduction, please submit the online Cancellation Form.  Please note, cancellations must be made:

  • Before the end of the day (5 p.m.) the fourth day of the month for academic/monthly employees to avoid a full month charge or;
  • By the end of the day (5 p.m.) on the Friday following bi-weekly pay period end. (See payroll processing calendar for bi-weekly employees.)

What is a Georgia Tech Affiliate?

Affiliates are guests of Georgia Tech or a member of an affiliated organization participating in activities that support our Institute's mission and require access to our internal IT systems. Visit the Human Resources webpage for more information.

Where can I park?

Georgia Tech annual permit holders may park in the W10 deck after-hours (5 p.m. to 8 a.m.) and on weekends (5 p.m. Friday to 8 a.m. Monday).

Georgia Tech alumni may purchase a W06 permit from GT Parking & Transportation by emailing them at

The Area 2 visitors lot located across from the CRC on Ferst drive and next to the Student Center is available for paid hourly parking. Visit the GT Parking & Transportation website for more information.

Can I receive a refund because I did not use the CRC?

Campus Recreation does not offer refunds for day or guest passes, lack of use or low frequency of use of the CRC facilities, programs or services. Campus Recreation does not offer refunds for periods in which the CRC is closed, including, but not limited to, campus closures, holidays, periods between semesters, or for maintenance. Campus Recreation does not offer refunds for any member that has their membership privileges revoked/suspended due to CRC policy violations. Visit our Hours of Operation page for more information.

I am not enrolled in at least 4 in-person credits, can I still use the CRC?

Yes, you can opt into paying the voluntary student fees through the Bursar's Office. You can also purchase a day pass or week pass at the Member Services desk.