Instructional Courses

Instructional courses provide progressive instruction on a topic of your interest. Some classes include capoeira, krav maga, taido, yoga and more. These classes you will pay a fee and participate weekly. Instructional courses are not drop in like the group fitness classes. See if a class is fit for you August 21-26 and participate in our complementary courses. 

Prices vary by course.

Class Type Legend

Combo - Various exercises designed to combine elements of cardio, strength and mind-body conditioning.

Cardio - Physical exercise of low to high intensity that gets your heart rate up and keeps it up for a prolonged period of time.

Strength - Solid foundation of exercises that work each part of your body building muscle and physical endurance

Mind/Body - A form of exercise that combines body movement, mental focus, and controlled breathing to improve strength, balance, flexibility, and overall health. 

Group Fitness Classes

Drop-in group fitness classes are non-credit and focus on conditioning, strengthening and toning the body through various degrees on intensity. Classes include indoor cycling, step, power yoga, and much more. A fitness membership is required in addition to your CRC membership to participate in the classes. 

  • Fall 2023 class schedule August 21st- December 5th
    • Finals week schedule begins on reading Day, December 6th.
  • Registration is required for classes and can be completed 48 hours prior to each class by visiting the MyCRC registration site. Click class name for direct link to registration.
  • Class space limited. Class formats and locations subject to change.  Please visit MyCRC for the most up to date schedule.

Fall 2023 Group Fitness Schedule


Schedule: August 21st- December 14th
Semester Price: Student - $73, Non-student - $78
Registration REQUIRED information below

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Class Type
Fitness Classes Table 2023
Fall 2023 Listing of classes available for Fall 2023
Class Day(s) Time Instructor Location Semester

Vinyasa Yoga

Mondays - Jason Studio C Fall

Yoga Flow

Mondays - Nancy Studio C Fall


Mondays - Jason Studio C Fall

Pilates Intense Interval Training PIIT 28

Mondays - Ariana Studio C Fall

Yin Yoga

Mondays - Jason Studio C Fall

Outdoor Boot Camp

Mondays / Wednesdays - Becky LLC Fall

Workout of the Day (WOD)

Mondays / Wednesdays - AJ Studio B Fall

Interval Training

Tuesdays / Thursdays - Becky Studio B Fall


Tuesdays - Saidah Studio C Fall


Tuesdays - Dana Studio C Fall

Special Program Request

Everyone can benefit from attending a fitness class, but we understand that sometimes, fitness sessions need to be brought to your space! By offering a group fitness class at your next function or as a “well-being break” for your department, your group will reap the rewards of reduced stress, increased appreciation for your organization, and increased morale. Let a CRC fitness instructor add that something extra to your next program, event, or well-being break.