Celebrate the start of the summer at the employee well-being week and join President Peterson for his 10th and last walk around campus on Thursday, May 16th at 4:30 pm!
This semester, Campus Recreation Complex (CRC) members can enjoy drop-in GIT FIT classes in time slots tailored to improve the overall experience of taking a group fitness class at the world class facility.
Three sports, seven awards — that’s how you might summarize the performance of the club triathlon team from Georgia Tech in Chattanooga, Tennessee, last week.
The Campus Recreation Complex (CRC) is committed to helping you reach your health and well-being goals this new year. Here’s a sneak peek at everything we have going on over the month of January.
Learn more about how personal training can help you stick to your New Years resolutions! 
Get the most out of your workout with the TRX instructional course at the Campus Recreation Complex (CRC). This class is a combination of powerful, explosive movements, stabilization, and exercises designed to increase your cardiovascular endurance in eve
Every month the Campus Recreation Complex (CRC) recognizes an awesome member who embodies the spirit of the CRC and Georgia Tech and inspires their peers. If this is you or someone you know nominate them today! 
Are you a fish out of water or interested in becoming one? The Campus Recreation Complex (CRC) offers both instructional swim programs and lifeguard certification courses all semester long. 
Learn more about this fast-paced sport that requires players to use their speed, strength, and agility to outscore their opponent all while on a slick sheet of ice!
January is National Hobby Month and the perfect time to pick up your new hobby at the Campus Recreation Complex (CRC).