Get the most out of your workout with the TRX instructional course at the Campus Recreation Complex (CRC). This class is a combination of powerful, explosive movements, stabilization, and exercises designed to increase your cardiovascular endurance in every 45-minute session. 

At Georgia Tech we love acronyms. TRX is another acronym to add to your repertoire. This fitness program was created by a Navy SEAL and stands for total body resistance exercise. The Campus Recreation Complex (CRC) will now offer this instructional course every Thursday from 11:15 am to noon starting January 24th.

This course is a suspension-based exercise system that uses gravity and your own bodyweight. CRC instructor Sam Hayes described the class as “multidimensional and great for both beginners and advanced students.” This course progresses every week and allows for participants to work at their own level. Hayes said, “The biggest gains from this class will be body awareness and core strength.”  TRX was designed by a Navy SEAL to keep special operations military combat ready when stationed in remote areas for extended periods of time.  The idea is to develop strength that is utilitarian. Every exercise performed will provide functional strength.  Hayes said, “When we do a pulling exercise that emphasizes your biceps you will also be engaging your core and supporting muscles so that students of TRX develop the strength to lift or move themselves and other objects in everyday life.”

This class is a combination of powerful, explosive movements, stabilization and exercises designed to increase cardiovascular endurance in every 45 minute session.  Hayes said, “During every class we will try to activate the majority of the 600 skeletal muscles in the human body. The combination of all these different movements makes every session exciting and unique.” More and more professional athletes are using TRX in the offseason as not only a means of rehab but also as a way to prevent future injuries. Hayes said, “TRX exercises can be utilized to make you a better climber, golfer, swimmer, runner or nearly any other sport you want to participate in.”  

No matter what your goal or fitness level the TRX course is a great addition to your workout regimen.  Spots are limited so early registration is encouraged. Registration is $75 for a weekly class from January 24th – April 25th. Go to to register.