Are you a fish out of water or interested in becoming one? The Campus Recreation Complex (CRC) offers both instructional swim programs and lifeguard certification courses all semester long. 

Are you a fish out of water or interested in becoming one? The Campus Recreation Complex (CRC) offers instructional swim programs for both members and non-members with classes available for children 5 years or older and adults. If you are already a strong swimmer sign up for our next lifeguard certification class and put those skills to good use!

Lifeguard certification courses are offered throughout the year and a convenient way to earn money right on campus. These courses prepare you to work as a lifeguard at the CRC and must be completed prior to employment. Apply today and help keep the CRC pools safe this semester.

Swimming is the only sport in the world that could save your life. For those just starting out the CRC is committed to offering different swim programs to fit every interest level and need. CRC Aquatics and Fitness Coordinator, Stephanie Belcher said, “swim lessons are a personal safety precaution recommended for everyone. We offer three different levels of swim lessons from beginner to pro to make people of all levels feel confident and safe in the water.”

The CRC offers private, semi-private, and small-group lessons. Our group lessons are offered Mondays and Wednesday or Tuesdays and Thursdays to ensure that lessons are available to fit every schedule. The small group lessons consist of at most, six participants with four 30 minute sessions. Private and semi-private classes are scheduled separately by contacting Stephanie Belcher. Semi-private classes consist of two students per instructor and include two 30 minute lessons. Private lessons are customized to the swimmer's abilities and include two thirty minute lessons.

Group lessons start as early as the week of January 21 and run through the end of April. Go to for cost and registration. If you are interested in becoming a lifeguard at the CRC visit Whether you are new to swimming or looking for your next campus job the CRC is the perfect place to make a splash!