The Georgia Institute of Technology’s Campus Recreation Complex (CRC) has re-envisioned and re-opened full service Massage Therapy for students, staff and the community at their world-class facility.

Patrons can enjoy massages in the newly renovated massage room located on the lower level of the CRC next door to the Personal Training room. Expert in-house therapists offer 30-minute and 60-minute massage therapy sessions, with several package options available for every budget. Massage therapy services include Relaxation/Swedish Massage, Sport Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage.

The CRC has offered Massage Therapy in the past, but the service was discontinued this summer. The decision to revamp the Massage Therapy program came as a desire to improve customer service in addition to contributing to the CRC’s commitment for improving the overall health and well-being of everyone in the community.

The program initially utilized an outside group that the CRC brought in as a vendor. The CRC’s Assistant Director of Fitness Elisha Quillen-Smith explained that the past program did not provide or uphold the outstanding customer service associated with the facility.

“It makes it more beneficial for us that they actually work for us, are part of the development of the program, and give us feedback on their client experiences,” she said.

Quillen-Smith who has received an in-house massage can attest to the overall benefits that arise through Massage Therapy. She said that the first thing the CRC thinks about is stress relief. She also communicated the physical and spiritual benefits associated with Massage Therapy.

“Returning clients will see that physically they start to feel a lot better. We don’t realize that some of those aches and pains can be helped out. The experience results in full-body relaxation as well as spiritual peace of mind,” she said.

The CRC currently has two massage therapists on staff, Olivia Sharp and Danielle Worthy. Both are graduates of the Atlanta School of Massage, which has recently partnered with the CRC to contribute to the improvement of the program. Therapists hired understand the standard of excellence that goes along with employment at the Institute. That knowledge is something that Quillen-Smith said contributes to the improvement of the quality of the massage therapy program. She also said that she is now able to work closely with the Atlanta School of Massage to ensure that the best candidates are chosen for the program.

Sharp specializes in orthopedic and sports massage. Sharp communicates the lasting benefits of regularly engaging in massage therapy with her clients. She said that receiving a massage carries with it a multitude of benefits.

“Massage will help to reduce stress. It will help to improve blood circulation, decrease your heart rate, and decrease your anxiety,” she said.

According to her, therapists have the ability to improve posture by strengthening certain muscles in the spine. Improved posture leads to benefits for overall mind and body health Sharp said.

“When you have better posture you have a better outlook mentally. Your stride is different; your self confidence is improved. All of those things work to improve your overall mind-body connection,” she said.

Sharp’s colleague, Worthy, specializes in deep tissue massage, injury rehab and recovery, and orthopedic massage. Worthy brings a clinical perspective to her massage by utilizing her experience as a registered nurse. She promotes effective massage that benefits a variety of different medical conditions.

Not only do both therapists provide in-house Massage Therapy to clients, but also they provide massage services outside the facility for any campus gatherings or events.

With finals week inevitably around the corner, the addition of Massage Therapy at the CRC is one of the many ways that students, faculty and staff can combat stress. All members of the Georgia Tech community are encouraged to come and feel the restorative benefits of a relaxing massage. The CRC’s Massage Therapy program has a message for all during this time which is fittingly, “Take a moment to relax.” To learn more about Massage Therapy at the CRC visit their website at