Campus Recreation Complex (CRC) is currently hiring for Tech Wreck summer camp counselors! Learn more about what this role entails from a previous counselor. 

Campus Recreation Complex (CRC) is currently hiring for Tech Wreck summer camp counselors! Tech Wreck is a day camp offered for 1st through 8th graders whose guardians are a part of the Georgia Tech community. Counselors enjoy the benefit of a regular, weekday schedule, daily lunch and the opportunity to expand your network with faculty and staff on campus. We spoke with counselor and fourth-year Biomedical Engineering major Kyra Stompanato, to learn more about why she loves being a camp counselor with the CRC.

What made you decide to work at Tech Wreck?

I have always loved working with kids, whether it be coaching, tutoring, or babysitting. I came across Tech Wreck when I was looking for a summer job after my freshman year. Within the first week of camp I knew I made the right choice. The Tech Wreck staff and campers are amazing! I decided to work camp twice after that summer and I’ve found something new to love each time!

Did anything surprise you about working as a counselor?

I think what surprised me the most was the close relationships formed between campers and counselors. I think there is mutual respect between campers and counselors which allows us to actively engage with the campers and develop relationships.

What are some of the job responsibilities? 

With access to Georgia Tech’s campus recreation center, Tech Wreck offers a wide variety of activities for campers to choose from. Camp counselors are responsible for choosing activity options, which always include at least one sport-related activity and one art-related activity. Counselors try to offer new activities each day. In addition, campers have the option to participate in pool time at the CRC’s Crawford pool. During free time, campers have access to several different toys, games, and activities.

What’s your favorite part of camp?

My favorite part of camp is always the kids!! I’ve been with Tech Wreck for multiple years, and I’ve loved getting to know the new campers and seeing returning campers grow throughout the years.

Interviews to be a counselor begin February 25th. Apply today at!