Did you know the Campus Recreation Complex (CRC) has a, indoor rock climbing wall? Learn from one of our in house experts on why rock climbing is a great full body work out! 

“If one should ask me what "use" there was in climbing, or attempting to climb the world's highest peak, I would be compelled to answer "none." There is no scientific end to be served; simply the gratification of the impulse of achievement, the indomitable desire to see what lies beyond the heart of man.” – George Mallory, mountaineer and one of the first Mt. Everest explorers.

Do you have an adventurous side? Do you want to get fit, but are finding that none of the workouts you attempt feel right for you? Maybe you need to try something completely different-  rock climbing! It may be an unconventional choice, but rock climbing at the Campus Recreation Center provides many benefits that you may have never considered! We spoke with Expeditions & Adventures Coordinator and avid climber, Tyler Joing to learn more. It turns out...

Rock climbing is an excellent full-body workout. To start, participation in indoor rock climbing encompasses a number of spheres of well-being. Physically, climbing provides an exceptional workout that engages nearly the entire body. It relies heavily on the use of one’s core, and exercises numerous upper and lower body muscle groups. Because the sport requires that the climber pull their body weight up and down the wall, climbers that participate regularly tend to start burning fat and build up a defined, lean muscle mass. This sets climbing apart from other workouts, such as weight lifting, where one can expect to build a physically larger, more muscular physique, but may lack the same endurance that climbing provides. It also differs from, for example, long distance running, in which runners gain cardiovascular endurance and a low-fat, toned physique, but might lack some of the physical strength that climbing can provide.

Rock climbing creates great opportunities for your social well-being.  Not only is climbing highly physically beneficial, it also provides a space for individuals to build relationships, camaraderie, and self-esteem. Climbers have the opportunity to form friendships and get involved with a community of like-minded individuals looking to overcome similar obstacles, which may require both physical and psychological perseverance. People can take up climbing to meet a number of different self-improvement goals- for example, some individuals may want to overcome their fear of heights, and some might want to participate in friendly competition with their friends to see who can complete a particular climbing route first.

Rock climbing is easy to fall in love with. The atmosphere of a climbing wall tends to be very relaxed, no pressure environment that provides a space to both exercises on one’s own and participates with friends. This environment also caters to all skill levels and has something to offer both beginners and highly competent climbers, making it an activity people of all ages and experience levels can join in on. Employees at the CRC climbing wall strive to foster an inviting and welcoming environment. Plus, rock climbing is just plain fun!

Does this exciting, unusual experience sound like it might be the perfect fit for you? Come down to the CRC and try it for yourself! For climbing, wall hours go to crc.gatech.edu/hours. If you are interested in taking this adventure outdoors, outdoor recreation offers several rock climbing adventure trips all semester long. Visit crc.gatech.edu/adventure for more information.