Learn more about this fast-paced, full contact sport that requires players to use their speed, strength, and agility to outscore their opponent!

Congratulations to Women’s Club Rugby for being the featured sport club of February! Rugby football, which originated in 1823 in England, is a sport played with an oval ball by two teams of either 13 or 15 players.  Today, rugby is played all over the world, with 120 countries and territories being affiliated with it. Women’s Club Rugby is one of the 40 competitive sports clubs available through Campus Recreation (CRC) who compete inter-collegiately. Join us for a conversation with Sarah Violante, Women’s Club Rugby president and 4th -year mechanical engineering major as we learn more about this CRC sport club!

Q: Can you tell me about the Georgia Tech Women’s Rugby Club?

A: The Women’s Club Rugby team was established in 2006 and has continued to grow ever since. In 2014, the team went to nationals and this year the team has a strong shot at winning the SRIC conference. Last season we’ve achieved a 4 -game win/tie streak and we hope to continue our success this season!

Q: What are some reasons for joining Women’s Rugby?

A:  The team is a great support system for academic and social endeavors. Also, you get stronger physically and become more confident as an individual.

Q: What advice do you have for women interested in rugby?

A: You can't knock it out until you try it. Step out of your comfort zone and be amazed at what you are actually capable of. 

Q: As a member of Women’s Rugby, do you have a favorite memory or experience?

A: My favorite memory was dressing up as emojis for a Halloween tournament at KSU. It was very social and silly. We had a great time against some of our main on-season competitors. 

Q: What was the greatest lesson you learned from sports that has helped you succeed in college?

A: Don't stress the little things. Nothing will come out of beating yourself up over a dropped ball, missed tackle, or missed pass. Growth takes time and dedication. 

Q: What athlete do you admire the most and why?

A: I admire Portia Woodman on the NZ All Blacks. She is both humble and savage at the same time. She is currently working through an injury and her optimism inspires me. 

Q: How can students join Women’s Rugby?

A: Students can email president@gtwrfc.org!