First-year students are invited to attend a three-day adventure with the Campus Recreation Complex (CRC) Tech Treks South East on the Ocoee River! 

Want to meet fellow incoming first-year Georgia Tech students while exploring the great outdoors? Join us this summer on a three-day adventure with Tech Treks South East on the Ocoee River!

This unique orientation experience includes rock climbing, rafting, hiking, and camping under the stars. This opportunity also allows for you to meet fellow classmates and mentors and form relationships before you move to campus for the fall semester. David Knobbe, Director of Outdoor Recreation for Georgia Tech’s Campus Recreation Complex (CRC), said “the whole purpose of this program is to bring first-year students together.” He describes the program as “a kickoff for a whole new range of opportunities [and] an investment that can change your trajectory [at Georgia Tech].”

There are five different sessions available throughout the summer. You are welcome to register for any session, even if it’s not the one that correlates with your FASET session. All meals and snacks are provided for the trip, as well as all of the necessary camping, cooking, and safety gear. No prior experience in the outdoors is required to participate in and enjoy these trips. Students of all experience levels are invited to participate in these programs.

If you’re looking to form lifelong friendships, or even if you’d just like to recognize some familiar faces on your first day of class, a Tech Treks trip is for you. This unforgettable experience is a great way to make the transition to college easier and to learn more about what it really takes to be a Georgia Tech student. For more information about dates, pricing, and to sign up, go to