Jack Frost may be nipping at your nose but it's warm and bright inside the CRC. Grab your towel and goggles and learn more about why swimming is an excellent workout this time of year! 

With Georgia’s weather dropping into the lower temperatures, most days are too cold for outdoor workouts. However, there are many ways to get your cardio and strength exercises in without braving the cold. Swimming is a fantastic way to work out during the colder months! Here are four reasons why swimming is a great winter fitness activity:

Swimming is great cardio.

Cardiovascular conditioning is important for your health and physical fitness. Swimming is an excellent alternative to typical cardio exercises, as it improves both cardiovascular fitness and endurance plus it utilizes many major muscle groups. Moving through water requires more effort from various parts of the body than cardio completed on land. The combination of exerting multiple different muscle groups at once and the resistance from water provides a workout that strengthens your entire cardiovascular system!

Aquatic exercises put less strain on your muscles.

Swimming is a low impact exercise, meaning it puts less stress on your body.  According to the American Council of Exercise, the buoyancy of water reduces the “weight” of a person by 90%, which lessens the stress on weight-bearing joints, bones, and muscles. This makes swimming a great workout for those with injuries or joint issues!

Swimming is a heart-healthy workout.

Aquatic exercise puts less strain on your heart than traditional workouts. In fact, studies show that your heart beats an estimated 17 fewer times per minute during water exercises than land exercises. This does not mean you are not getting the same level of exercise— in fact, the heart works very hard during swimming workouts. Swimming combines arm, leg, and torso movements. This increases heart rate, and over time strengthens the tissue of the heart: making your heart stronger and healthier!

Swimming is a great way to relieve stress and improve your mood!

Aerobic activities are proven to reduce levels of anxiety and depression. The benefits of aerobic exercise to your mood are even more significant in rhythmic exercises that incorporate large muscle groups, like swimming. The improvements to anxiety, depression, and stress levels are due to both the release of endorphins and the physiological reactivity to stress. So, swimming isn’t just great for your body— it’s great for your mind, too!

The Campus Recreation Center offers two world-class facilities for swimming! The McAuley Aquatic Center, originally used for the 1996 Olympic games, is available for classes, clubs, and recreational lap swimming. The Vernon D. and Helen D. Crawford pool features six 25-yard lanes, a free play pool, and a waterslide and lazy river for post-workout fun. To find out