Please review all resources to better understand all the aspects of participating in and running a Sport Club.

Space Reservations

Site to review all CRC facility reservations:


Executive Council

2023 - 2024 Members

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • At Large
  • At Large


  • Sport Club Coaches/Georgia Tech Affiliates
    • Step 1: email coach's information to Greg Durham (
      • Full Legal name
      • Coach's Email 
      • Coach's Phone Number 
      • Name of Club 
    • Step 2: Once this information is received the Coach will get an email for a background check. Coaches have 5 days to compete the screening. 
    • Step 3: If the background check is passed, the coach will be emailed the Onboarding process by Human Resources 
    • Step 4: When onboarding is complete the coach can sign the volunteer agreement via engage. 
  • 2023-2024 Volunteer Coach Form
  • Parking passes can be bought for official Georgia Tech affiliated coaches ONLY (students, faculty/staff, and alumni of Georgia Tech are not allowed to obtain passes).
  • $15/month/pass for a minimum of 3 months and maximum of 6 months.
  • Pass is applicable in lots W01 and W06 Monday-Friday after 4:30 p.m. and all day on the weekends.


Risk Management

  • GTENS is Georgia Tech's Emergency Notification System. Safety Officers must sign up for this.
  • Injury Report is used for all injuries while participating in sport club events (games & practices).
  • This Competitive Sports Safety Officer Volunteer Form must be submitted before a sport club can operate. (All sport clubs are required to have at least one safety officer.
  • All Safety Officers are required to have the certification from the Concussions Certification Program. Contact the Competitive Sports office for access codes.