Adventure Trips

  • Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that classes fill quickly.
  • All trips include a pre-trip class.
  • Pre-trip sessions are required in order to attend the weekend adventure.
  • Gear, instruction, and transportation is provided.
  • Class sizes are limited to insure quality instruction.
  • Dates are subject to change.
  • Prices average $25-65 depending on the trip.


  • Registration for each trip begins 30 days prior to the trip date.
  • Registration closes two days before the pre-trip meeting.
  • Visit the Wilderness Outpost to register for all trips; you must register in person.
  • For additional trip information, please visit


Backpacking is about experiencing nature and challenging yourself physically. With a wide variety of trips, anyone from a beginner to advanced backpacker can have a great hike and learn new skills. Even if you have never stepped foot in the woods, our progression will provide the basic skills and knowledge required to backpack in the wilderness.

Experience the beauty and awe of natural settings most people will never see.  Gear, transportation, and instruction are included.  Georgia Tech students, faculty, staff and alumni are welcome.

Beginner Overnight- $30
Trip A: February 10-11
Trip B: February 17-18
Trip C: February 24-25
Trip D: April 7-8
Intermediate Overnight- $30
                Trip A: March 31- April 1
Advanced Overnight- $30
                Trip A: April 14-15
Survival Overnight- $30
                Trip A: March 10-11
Beginner Day Hike- $10
                Trip A: February 11
                Trip B: February 24
                Trip C: (Map and Compass) April 1
                Trip A: (Photo) April 14


ORGT Cavers

Explore rarely seen fascinating underground environments. Beginners explore the dark, wet, and muddy regions of horizontal caves where fantastic formations hang from ceilings and life – most of it unseen -- abounds. Advanced instruction involves rappelling and climbing techniques adapted for the cave environment.

Horizontal trips feature a day of scrambling, squeezing, crawling, and walking underground.  They provide an exciting intro to caving.  See beautiful underground formations in the Tennessee-Alabama-Georgia region (TAG). Prepare to get muddy and have lots of fun!

Vertical trips build on skills mastered during horizontal trips. This time, reach even more exciting reaches of the caves by repelling into them.  This is a true adventure, and fun, too.  Learn the basics of repelling and ascending with specialized gear.  Explore some of the more exciting places the TAG region has to offer.

Horizontal- $35
                Trip A: January 20
                Trip B: February 10
                Trip C: February 24
Vertical- $40
                Trip A: March 3
                Trip B: March 31


Cascading involves traveling through narrow canyons, up and down the sides of mountains, and rappelling through remote waterfalls. It involves a good deal of technical ropework and gear like helmets, harnesses, wetsuits, and ropes. This is a true adventure. Gear, transportation, and instruction are included.​


Beginner- $35
                Trip A: February 10
                Trip B: February 18
                Trip C: March 3
Intermediate- $35
                Trip A: February 25
                Trip B: March 10
Advanced Overnight- $35
                Trip A: April 7-8

Rock Climbing

Beginner classes are guided top-rope trips. They provide an opportunity to learn basic techniques and gain fundamental knowledge of equipment and safety.  Climbers of any experience level are welcome, but no experience is needed. Intermediate classes introduce lead and traditional techniques.


Beginner- $25
                Trip A: January 20
                Trip B: January 28
                Trip C: February 4
                Trip D: February 11
                Trip E: February 17
Intermediate- $30
                Trip A: March 4
                Trip B: March 31
                Trip C: April 15

Sea Kayaking

Beginners learn basics about equipment, paddle strokes, rescue techniques and progress from day and overnight trips on gorgeous lakes. Included this spring will be a coastal paddling trip to the South Carolina sea coast.


Beginner Overnight- $45
                Trip A: February 17-18
                Trip B: March 3-4
Surf Kayaking Costal- $45
                Trip A: April 14-15
Mini Expedition- $45
                Trip A: March 21-24

Whitewater Kayaking

Learn basics like how to roll a kayak and paddle on lakes and calm streams, then master skills to surf class III rapids and beyond. Committed students can expect to progress from leisurely trips down the Upper Hooch to the adrenaline rush of the raging Cartecay and Chattooga Rivers in North Georgia.


Beginner- $35
                Trip A: February 10
                Trip B: February 17
                Trip C: March 11
Intermediate- $65
                Trip A: April 7 and 14

Mountain Biking

Whether you are new to mountain biking, an experienced rider looking for an orientation to the best places to ride near Atlanta, or you're just looking for a group who shares your passion, ORGT is the place to be! Every trip offers beginners opportunities to learn fundamentals and also challenges experienced riders to push their boundaries. We offer basic bike maintenance classes too!

Beginner- $35
                Trip A: February 10
                Trip B: February 24
                Trip C: March 10
                Trip D: April 14
Bikepacking- $45
                Trip A: February 3-4
                Trip B: March 3-4
                Trip C: March 31- April 1