Drop-in GIT FIT Classes

All of our group fitness classes are non-credit and focus on conditioning, strengthening and toning the body through various degrees of intensity. For more information on the dates and times of these classes, please see the schedules listed below or stop by the informational rack in the lobby area by the main entrance of the CRC.

Schedule: Summer 2017

View the summer schedule, and the descriptions of the available classes.

Dates: May 22 - July 25, 2017

Schedule: Finals 2017

View the finals week schedule, and the descriptions of the available classes.

All GIT FIT classes during finals week are free for everyone. 

Dates: April 27 - May 4

Pricing & Registration


  • Semester Pass: $68
  • Water Fitness Only: $48

Starting March 20, 2017 GIT FIT passes are pro-rated.

  • Pro-rated Semester Pass: $35
  • Pro-rated Water Fitness Pass: $23


CRC members can register for GIT FIT classes at the Member Services desk, located at the entrance of the CRC. 

Location & Access


Aerobic Studios A, B, or C, Fitness Center, Leisure Pool & Competition Pool


Registrants for must show their BuzzCard to instructor for entry to class.

Three Visit Pass

Want to try out just a few classes to see if you like it? Or just able to take a few classes per semester? The GIT FIT Group Fitness three visit pass is for you! This pass is $15 for 3 classes and you must be a CRC member. The cost of the three visit pass can not be applied to the cost of the full drop-in pass should the participants wish to upgrade.

Purchase a group fitness pass, three visit pass or a water fitness pass at the Member Services desk today.