About Massage Therapy

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Feel the restorative benefits of a relaxing massage today. Our Licensed Massage Therapists are experts at providing therapeutic massage to all students, faculty, staff and community members of Georgia Tech!

Olivia Sharp

Olivia, Massage Therapist

Olivia Sharp is a graduate of ASM (The Atlanta School of Massage). In her massage practice, she specializes in orthopedic and sports massage, and deep tissue massage, and injury rehab/recovery. She is currently studying Thai Massage, a modality stemming from Ancient Chinese Medicine, that stimulates acupressure points to provide relief, stretch and loosen tightened muscles, release tension and relieve joints.

During her spare time, Olivia enjoys crocheting, taking dance classes, and writing and performing poetry. She has even shared the stage with talents such as India Arie, and Nicki Giovanni! Olivia’s passion for massage is evident in her approach, and she prides herself in providing a massage that is relaxing, yet effective! She is most excited about gaining a brand new clientele while working alongside her classmate, Danielle, here at the CRC!

Danielle Worthy

Danielle Worthy is a graduate of ASM (The Atlanta School of Massage). In her massage practice, she specializes in deep tissue massage, injury rehab/recovery and orthopedic massage with a particular focus from a clinical perspective. She is currently studying to integrate her passion for massage with her knowledge and experience as a registered nurse to promote effective massage that serves beneficial in populations with medical conditions.

During her spare time, Danielle enjoys listening to music, attending spoken word events, writing poetry and learning by research. Hopefully, she will one day gain the courage to perform on stage like her classmate Olivia! Danielle is very proud of the dedication she commits to her craft as well as serving her community with health awareness. Her goal is to ultimately coincide in balance with the human body and manipulate its tissues to create serenity in one's life and environment.

Danielle is on-call, and only available for events.