The Wait is Over: Leisure Pool Re-opened to the Public

On February 2, the Helen D. & Vernon D. Crawford Leisure pool re-opened for Campus Recreation Complex (CRC) members and guests. Over the past few months the facility has been closed to the public for Phase I and Phase II of the Leisure Pool Project. The Leisure Pool Project was established to maximize the air and water quality inside the world class aquatics facility, which will in turn enhance the overall experience for members and guests.

Phase I of the project began in July 2016 and focused primarily on the air quality within the facility. The HVAC units underwent renovations that have vastly improved the air quality which allows for less humidity and easier breathing. During the overhaul, new ducting and piping were added to the HVAC system, along with the addition of new air filters.  

Phase 2 began in late November 2016 in effort to improve and enhance the air and water quality. The CRC made the decision to switch the sanitation system from bromine to liquid chlorine. Chlorine typically gasses of more heavily than bromine does creating chloramines in the air. Chloramines are the chemicals that case the unpleasant and often irritating heavy chlorine smell in the air. To combat this issue, the CRC implemented the use of a UV filtration system that will aid in the reduction of chloramines in the air. Between the chlorine and UV system, the CRC can improve the water sanitation while maintaining the air quality.

In addition, all of the sand filters and pumps received state of the art upgrades. The pool floor and walls were stripped and re-plastered to create an ideal surface. Underwater lights were installed to illuminate the area to increase the overall safety of patrons.

The Leisure Pool project is just one of the numerous improvements the CRC has made to the Aquatics Center over the past few years. In 2014, the sanitation in the Competition and Dive Pool switched from bromine to chlorine. To remedy the issue of water loss, the deck drains around the competition and dive pool received an upgrade in 2015 along with the gutter drains in the dive pool. All renovation projects are created and carried out with the best interest of CRC members and visitors in mind—something Aquatic Operations Manager Jennifer Sternecker wants to stress to the public.

“We do our best to make sure that the environment of both our pools meets the highest quality of standards for indoor aquatic centers. Our goal is to enhance the overall experience for members and guests,” she said.

That effort has not gone unnoticed either. The improvements made to the aquatics center aided in securing a multitude of national meets such as the 2016 NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Championship, the 2015 USA Swimming Junior Championship, the 2016 Future and Senior Championships, and the 2016 Pre-Rio camp for the USA swimming and diving team. This year they are already scheduled to host the 2017 USA Swimming and Arena Grand Prix Series.

Sternecker said that she is most excited for the Leisure pool to open back up to the public so that patrons who have been restricted from swimming because of meets and events will finally have an alternate pool to swim in. Also, GIT FIT programs normally held in the Leisure pool will start back up as well as swim lessons.

“I am ready to re-direct some of the traffic from the competition and dive pool back into the leisure pool,” she said.

For those of you that enjoy the laid-back environment, prepare to return to the leisurely luxury of swimming in the Helen D. & Vernon D. Crawford Pool. For more information, visit  

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