New Personal Training Discounts at the CRC

The Campus Recreation Complex (CRC) will roll out a new pricing structure for their Personal Training program this fall. The new pricing takes effect on August 21, 2017 and allows for a more consistent discount on training packages.

Members can choose from a 5 pack, 10 pack, 15 pack, or the newly added starter package. As the session numbers increase, so do the package discounts. The new discounts are:

Package:                                Discount:

5 pack                                     10%

10 pack                                    20%

15 pack                                    25%

This is the first semester that the CRC will offer a 15 session package option. The CRC hopes that by adding a larger package option, participants will see bigger results from their personal training program

Members also have the new option to try a starter package. The starter package gives members the opportunity to see if personal training is right for them. It includes an initial assessment and two regular sessions at a price that is unbeatable. Starter packages are highly encouraged for newcomers to personal training.

Already involved in a personal training program at the CRC? Returning customers may see a slight increase in pricing from the previous year, but it is something that Aquatics and Fitness Coordinator Stephanie Belcher says is a necessity.

“These small increases are necessary so that we can continue the level of training that we provide at one of the absolute best values in the metro Atlanta area,” she said.

If you are interested in taking your fitness routine to the next level, visit the CRC and purchase your personal training package today. Visit our website for a breakdown of packages and pricing. Note: Registration and payments must be made at the Member Services Desk at the CRC.

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For More Information Contact

Stephanie Belcher

Aquatics and Fitness Coordinator