Navy Seal Challenge

Navy Seal Challenge

Student competing in the 2016 Navy Seal Challenge

See how you measure up to America's best! Take the Navy Seal Challenge at the CRC, October 4, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

This free event will consist of five different challenges. Please note, those who pre-register online will receive a fast pass to skip to the front of the line. Online registration is now closed, however, it will be open soon.

Compete in one or all five events:

  • Push-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • 500 yard swim
  • 1.5 mile run

Fall 2017 Results

Navy Seal Challenge: Events

Event CRC Fit Navy Seal Fit
500 Yard Swim 12:00 9:30
Push-ups 42 80-100
Sit-ups 50 80-100
Pull-ups 6 25
1.5 Mile Run 11:00 9:30

Navy Seal Challenge: Scoring

  1. The swim and run are both converted into seconds (Example: a 5:15 swim converts to 315 seconds)
  2. The push-ups and curl-ups are counted as the number completed and the pull-ups are multiplied by six (6) and added to the push-ups and curl-ups
  3. Subtract the total number of the push-ups, curl-ups, and pull-ups x 6 from the sum of the swim and run added together
  4. This is the final score. The goal is to obtain the lowest possible final score.


Overall Male & Female Finishers:

  • 1st place male and female finishers will receive their name on a plaque at the CRC and an Amazon Echo.
    • 1st place winners must complete all 5 events

Male 1st Place Finisher: Bryful Sun

Female 1st Place Finisher: Melanie Moenning


Everyone completing all 5 events will be entered to win the following prizes.

  • Beats Headphones
    • Winner: David Riazati
  • Echo Dot
    • Winner: Amanda Langhauser
  • Soft-sided Yeti Cooler
    • Winner: Allan Zhang
  • Yeti Tumblers
    • Winners: Johnny Bollash, Philip Li
  • Georgia Tech Corn hole set
    • Winner: Alexander Hennie-Roed
  • Tickets to Georgia v. Georgia Tech Football Game
    • Winner: Joshua Harrison


The first 200 people that complete one event will receive a t-shirt.

Training Tips:

Combat Side Stroke


Mile Progression


Pull Ups