LCC Testimonials

"The instruction was excellent. The course caused collaboration and changes in paradigms."

"The challenges required the team work together and not just in pairs for the majority of it. I feel like other courses don't require as much team involvement."

"The course was effective because it emphasized group work and stressed leadership development under adverse conditions. Perhaps not all acts of leadership will be conducted at such high heights, but learning to adapt to different environments based on need (rather than simple desire) is key to effective leadership."

"Strongly encouraged teamwork which included practicing listening and stepping up as leader, both important to being in a leadership position."

"I've been on courses where you went through the course by yourself or with a partner. This course was so effective at team-building and strengthening communication/leadership skills because the set up of the course makes it necessary to be completed in a group."

"It forces you to adapt and communicate in a clear way that many other avenues (group classwork, for instance) don't necessarily do.