Becoming a Sport Club Coach/Georgia Tech Affiliate

All sport club coaches must become an official Georgia Tech Affiliate prior to working with or volunteering with any sport club.

Four Step Process

Step 1: Background Check

The first step is for the sport club to inform the Competitive Sports Office of the name(s) of the potential coach(s). The potential sport club coach is to complete the Background Screening Request Form and submit to the Competitive Sports Office. This may take between 5-10 business days but could be more depending on the coach’s prior residence. There is a cost associated with this, which may be between $17.50-$100 per coach. The Competitive Sports Office will invoice the club upon determining the exact amount, which will occur at the completion of the background check process. 

Step 2: Personal Services Form (PSF)

After receiving notice the coach has passed the background check, our office will inform the club president. We will then require the GTID of the coach. If the coach does not have a GTID, we will need their birth date so we can have a GTID created. Upon receiving the required information, this process may take up to five business days. We will communicate to the club contact when complete.

Step 3: Affiliate Packet

Once our office approves the coach’s PSF, the coach will need to complete the following documents: Georgia Tech Affiliate Packet, Signature Document, and the Competitive Sports Volunteer Coach Form.  

Step 4: Submitting Forms

The Affiliate Packet must be submitted to Human Resources. The Signature Document is to be signed by Human Resources indicating the Affiliate Packet has been submitted. Both the Signature Document and the Volunteer Coaching Form are to be submitted to Dan Hazlett at the CRC. Clubs/Coaches can either scan/email to or drop it off at the CRC Competitive Sports Office during open hours.

Additional Information

Additional Information:

  • This process may take up to three weeks; plan accordingly.
  • There is to be no involvement by a volunteer coach until the entire process if complete.
  • The affiliate status is good for three years, unless the coach is no longer performing the volunteer services for the sport club.
  • The sport club is responsible for informing the Competitive Sports Office should the affiliate stop volunteering for the club.
  • Coaches who are Georgia Tech students (undergrad & grad) or faculty/staff are not required to complete the affiliate process.
  • The Volunteer Coaching Form is an annual requirement. All coaches are required to complete this form each year.
  • All questions are to be directed to